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Deep Gloss, Beading Effect and Intensive Protection.

The new premium wet sealant

The new premi­um wet sealant is the innovative conclusion of the vehicle wash for a hy­drophobic surface (paint, glass and plastic) and a velvety soft feel. High-gloss additives in combination with the high-quality care components provide an extreme deep gloss (paint) and prevent fading and embritt­lement of plastic parts and impregnates convertible roofs. In the event of rain, it also ensures good visibility through a rapid drip on glass surfaces. The fruity cherry scent provides an intense fragrance experience. Regu­lar use contributes significantly to maintaining the value of the vehicle.

Hydro Foam Sealant Product Properties

  • High-gloss additives with long-term effect
  • Optimum beading effect for clear visibility in the rain
  • Reduced windscreen wiper usage
  • Intensive protection also for the convertible roof and plastic parts

The mode of action of the new wet sealant on the vehicle surface can be illustrated graphically as follows.

(1) Untreated paint does not have a smooth surface. This results in dif­fuse light reflections. The paint does not shine, water rolls off poorly and there is no protection against environmental influences.

(2) Paint treated with Hydro Foam Sealant forms an extremely smooth and glossy protective layer due to special high-gloss additives. Fine scratches and matting are covered with regular use. Water sim­ply rolls off all surfaces, minimizing the need for windshield wipers. The paint is protected from aggressive influences such as UV radiation, salt and other environmental contaminants.

Simply wet sealed – The application

Hydro Foam Sealant is diluted 1:50 - 1:150 with water and applied to the cleaned, still wet vehicle using a foam sprayer or pump spray­er. When using a foam gun, adjust pre-dilution accordingly. Allow to react briefly. Rinse off the product thoroughly to avoid stains. Dry off any residual water. Mix product for one application only and do not store the dilution. The application of our new wet sealant is that easy.