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Spring is coming, the dirt has to go.

The right vehicle preparation for the summer

When the cold, gray days pass and the weather gets nicer again, it's time to prepare the vehicle for the coming warm months and get rid of all the winter grime.

From October to Easter - rim cleaning for the tire changing season

Especially at the beginning of the tire changing season there are many rims to clean and there an efficient and effective rim cleaner is exactly what matters. In our product portfolio, we have several different rim cleaners that are very suitable for the tire changing season.

Our Magic Wheel Cleaner is the powerful and acid-free rim cleaner that dissolves iron particles with a characteristic red discoloration due to the contained reactive component. With this, both the rims and the rim bed can be cleaned mildly and thoroughly. Due to its high effectiveness, this rim cleaner is particularly suitable for vehicle preparation.

During the peak season, an efficient rim cleaner is particularly important in order to be able to provide customers with convincing cleaning results despite short contact times. Thanks to its excellent performance as a dirt carrier, the highly alkaline special cleaner PreWash wheel express can be used both as a precleaner for the insect solution and as a rim cleaner.

Our PreWash B precleaner can also be used for rim cleaning. Due to its high content of complexing agents, surfactants and special additives, even stubborn adhesions, such as rim dirt, are dissolved. This makes the pre-cleaner an effective rim cleaner, which is particularly suitable for car dealerships or workshops due to its efficiency.

Get rid of the winter dirt

Especially after the cold months, which often come with adverse weather conditions for the vehicle, a proper vehicle preparation is necessary before the spring and summer months. Against stubborn dirt, such as tar or bitumen, our powerful cleaner Teerwäsche A is particularly well suited. The solvent-containing, material-friendly special cleaner removes even tar and bitumen on all solvent-resistant surfaces without any problems.

Get protection on it

In order to protect the vehicle from UV rays or other environmental influences during the warm months, a sealant is necessary. This will give the paint surface a nice shine as well as good hydrophobicity, among other things. So spring is the perfect time to have the car deep cleaned and sealed.

Our product range includes several different sealants as well as wax products that convince on the full line.

When it comes to premium vehicle detailing, our Ceramic Allround C0.02 ceramic sealant is a real selling point. The ceramic sealant not only protects the vehicle from external environmental influences such as UV radiation, bird droppings or flash rust, but also gives the sealed vehicle a high-gloss appearance as well as very good hydrophobic properties. As a long-term sealant, our ceramic sealant has a service life of 18-24 months. The improved flash-off time of 6-8 minutes enables efficient and pleasant application.

If you want to give a customer's vehicle a quick but effective finish after vehicle preparation, our Spray Sealant S0.02 is the ideal product. Simply spray it on, polish it off after a short flash-off time and you're done. The treated surface gets a high gloss look with a velvety finish. The water-beading effect rounds off the finish perfectly.

A premium wax sealant such as our Hand Wax W0.01 gives the paint surface a high-gloss appearance as well as hydrophobic properties. The premium carnauba wax it contains seals and protects the treated surface for the long term. A sealant that car lovers are happy to invest in.

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