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New PolishSystem.

The Evolution in Paint Treatment

The development of new, scratch-resistant paint systems is progressing, and the car manufacturers are thus confronting us with new challenges in terms of what a polishing compounds needs to be able to do. The increased use of random orbital machines such as the Rupes Big Foot for defect correction also contributed to the evolution of our polishing system.The aim of the development was to increase the level of cut for all of our polishing compounds whilst simultaneously maintaining the high degree of gloss. After a long research and test phase our team from the R & D has impressively achieved this goal. You can read here how the development process works in detail.

Polishing compounds and pads – a complementary system

To achieve an ideal polishing result it is not enough to select an excellent polishing compound. Besides the selection of the machine and the experience in application the quality of the polishing pads is just as important. In cooperation with a manufacturer of polishing pads we have worked on the best pad quality matching every new polishing compound. Our new partner masters all production steps from the development of chemicals, foaming to assembling – everything made in Germany. With the new system ideal results can be achieved even faster in our simple two-step process

We have reduced the height of the pads to 23mm, resulting in a reduction of torsion forces, improved handling and maximum stability during the polishing process. The unique foam material produced especially for us has a special density, which ensures long-lasting compression resistance and thus the polishing pads retain their shape for a longer time.Optimal reticulation and the number of cells both contribute to improved abrasiveness and excellent hygiene factors. Thanks to the milling edge, the pads have gained increased flexibility to better fit around contours. A distinction between the uniform black pads is made by the fleece, which is matched to the color code of the polishing compounds and thus offers the user even more process reliability. The new color coordinated dust free single packaging of the pads ensure you’ll make the right choice.