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Only the Best for Your Pride and Joy.

Koch-Chemie is turning 50

Ever since Hans Koch began developing top-quality products for experts in 1968, generations of car detailers have looked to Koch-Chemie to provide „Only the best for your pride and joy” („Das Beste fürs Liebste”). To this day, we have remained faithful to our goal of working closely with our professional customers – providing Excellence for Experts.

To mark the company’s 50th anniversary, we would like to dedicate a “Wall of Experts” to our customers. This wall, which will be displayed at the Koch-Chemie headquarters as well on our website, shows our appreciation for the professional community that has made Koch-Chemie what it is today – world-class in the professional field. We are inviting all of our customers to participate by providing a photo. The top 200 pictures will also receive an additional token of thanks. More infos can be found on

Behind the Scenes

In order to promote our 50th anniversary campaign, we commissioned an anniversary photo with the theme “Only the best for your pride and joy”. The shoot for this anniversary photo was held in a helicopter hangar at the former Mendig military airfield near Coblenz. Almost the entire range of current Koch-Chemie car care products was with us. Here’s a look behind the scenes. Photographer Robert Hörnig and the team with a Corvette Stingray (8-cylinder small block, 200 hp, top speed 240 km/h) in targa blue, that was built in that kind in 1968.

In February, we received the go-ahead for a one-day anniversary campaign shoot at a location that usually serves as a test track for race cars. Here, our products served as more than just props: While photographer Robert Hörnig set up the camera, lights and other equipment and two models sat in makeup, Mario and I put Koch-Chemie products to work on the Corvette’s paint surface. The car’s paint was already in excellent condition, but excellence simply wasn’t enough for this photo shoot; we needed perfection! Mario and I started by removing the car’s surface dirt with Wash & Finish. Then, we finished the job with Hartwachs BMP to really make the car’s blue surface shine.

As luck would have it, a single ray of sunshine on the otherwise overcast day worked together with the lighting to give the car an added gleam. Our star for the day, this beautiful Corvette, was loaned from the V8-Lounge in Neuwied.

Uncompromising Perfection

The car’s paint surface wasn’t the only thing on set that had to be in tiptop condition – every single detail had to be perfect. When Inga’s fingers started to turn a little blue from holding the polishing machine in the cold hangar, the makeup artist rushed in to cover it up. Even finding the right angle to shoot the car was no simple task. After all, what’s the best way to depict “Only the best for your pride and joy”?

Altogether, the shoot took 10 hours. We only stopped once to warm ourselves up with pizza and hot coffee. While hundreds of pictures were taken that day, only one was selected to represent our campaign. At the end of a long day of shooting, we finally got to enjoy the Corvette’s inner beauty as we whizzed across the airfield to start our journey home.

We had a fantastic day at our photo shoot, and hope that you’ll have just as much fun with yours. We look forward to seeing what you come up with. No doubt you’ll achieve great results far quicker than we did!

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