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Against a War in Ukraine

Koch-Chemie is active in over 60 countries, and KCX employs people of many different nationalities. Cultural diversity, openness and tolerance determine our values, goals and successes. This explicitly includes our friends and partners in Ukraine and Russia. For decades we have been closely connected with our friends, together we have made KCX great in these countries as well.

Since February 24th, 2022, we have been experiencing a tragedy in Ukraine for which there are no words and which contradicts everything that KCX, its employees, friends and partners stand for. We have therefore already suspended deliveries to Russia since February 24th.

Koch-Chemie is a small medium-sized company. What we are doing with this is just a drop in the ocean. Perhaps there are more such "drops" in the business community as a sign that the current events are not acceptable.

Our sympathy goes out to the people of Ukraine and the Russian people who are suffering under this situation.

Vincent Bossert, CEO for the Team KCX

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