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Lack-Polish grün P1.03 for the perfect deep shine

Especially when it comes to making a car pretty again before a presentation or sale, a quick preparation of the paint is a must. In order to work as efficiently as possible, a polish that can be applied quickly and efficiently is the be-all and end-all. The classic in our polish system for this application: The Lack-Polish grün. The finish polish is indispensable as an all-rounder for car dealerships or as an optional third polishing step.

The guarantor for fast polishing

The latest version of the finish polish, Lack-Polish grün P1.03, protects, cares for and refines new or as-new reconditioned paintwork. To ensure that the vehicle polished with P1.03 is really convincing, the perfect depth gloss and smoothness provide the necessary wow effect. The simple as well as time-saving processing of the finish polish makes our P1.03 a must-have for the quick preparation of all kinds of paintwork.

Compared to the old version of our varnish polish green P1.02, the P1.03 convinces especially by an improved color deepening. In addition, the polish is easier to buff out.

A star in the car showroom

Lack-Polish grün P1.03 has only a low degree of abrasion, but a high degree of gloss. The polish thus removes light scratches and holograms and leaves a high-gloss surface. The best result is achieved with the matching green Polish & Sealing Pad from our Polish System. With these properties, the Lack-Polish grün is an optimal choice for car dealerships. There, the polish ensures that new vehicles on display look their best.

All information on product application on the product detail page.

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