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The Bodyguard’s Backup.

Reactivate Ceramic Allround C0.02

A ceramic coating, such as our Ceramic Allround C0.02, offers many advantages when it comes to long-term protection of the paint. In addition to the protection against external environmental influences, such as UV radiation, bird droppings or flash rust, our paint bodyguard is particularly convincing due to its very good hydrophobicity as well as its unique deep gloss. After some time, however, the hydrophobicity and the easy-to-clean effect can be impaired by hydrophilic dirt such as dust, limescale or salt. But with the right reinforcement for our paint bodyguard team, this is no longer a problem.

In the Team for Descaling

Our new professional product, the Reactivation Shampoo, helps to revive the effects of Ceramic Allround C0.02. The service life of the ceramic coating is not extended in the process. The deep-cleaning shampoo for Ceramic Allround C0.02, with its acidic setting, ensures that the soiling is dissolved and removed. This reactivates the dirt- and water-repellent properties of the Ceramic Allround C0.02.

With the optimal service plan for customer loyalty

Ceramic coatings are a high-quality and cost-intensive service that a detailer offers to its customers. Due to the long service life of Ceramic Allround C0.02 of 20-24 months, it is likely that a customer will only return to the detailer to have the sealant renewed after this time. However, sensible aftercare offers with e.g. the Reactivation Shampoo and the Spray Sealant enable customer loyalty during this period.

  1. Deep cleansing with Reactivation Shampoo: The Reactivation Shampoo can be offered as a regular wash to maintain the full product properties. This keeps the customer satisfied with the performance of their ceramic coating and increases the likelihood of recoating.
  2. Extra layer of protection with Spray Sealant: Our Spray Sealant S0.02 is suitable as a quick and easy aftercare product to build up an additional protective layer for the ceramic coating. The Spray Sealant forms a quasi sacrificial layer on the Ceramic Allround, which protects the ceramic coating and reduces the formation of lime spots. It makes sense to apply the Spray Sealant after deep cleaning with the Reactivation Shampoo.

How to Reactivation Shampoo

Coarse dirt should be removed with an alkaline pre-cleaner and high-pressure wash before using Reactivation
Shampoo. Dilute the shampoo 1:200 (for hand washing 50 ml to 10 l) with water. This achieves a pH of 3.0.
When using a foam cannon, adjust the pre-dilution accordingly. Wash the pre-cleaned and still wet vehicle with
a washing sponge. Rinse the product thoroughly to avoid stains. Dry off residual water.

More product details and the application recommendations can be found on the product detail page of Reactivation Shampoo.

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