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Streakless Savior on the team.

Overview of our new Pro Glass Towel

With our Towel System we want to offer you the right towel for every situation. Here, an extremely high quality and performance is particularly important to us. When it comes to cleaning and drying glass surfaces particularly effectively, our newest member of the Towel System is the expert.

Our new Pro Glass Towel fights tirelessly against streaks on glass panes as a Streakless Savior and shows up directly as a duo. The set includes two branded 60x40 cm towels. Its very fine structure enables streakless and lint-free cleaning of glass surfaces of any kind. But also when it comes to drying, the Profituch does not have to hide. The 230g/m² cloth enables extremely effortless drying of glass surfaces thanks to its particularly high water absorption capacity.

The Pro Glass Towel is a set of two towels. The towels are deliberately designed in different colors, blue and gray. This ensures process reliability and makes it easier to identify which cloth is used to first remove the coarse dirt from the panes and which is used to dry them afterwards.

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