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Water Beading Redefined.

The First of its Kind

If the vehicle deserves a special treatment, this Hand Wax is used – for high gloss and special hydrophobicity. High-quality Carnauba waxes provide a long-lasting sealed and protected paint surface in our first wax sealant.

Applied with care and the appropriate applicator sponge, the sealing components create a smooth surface with very good hydrophobic properties. The paint is clearly more brilliant and highly glossy. External plastic components can also be maintained and sealed with Hand Wax. Our Hand Wax only needs to be applied thinly and is therefore very economical.

The Hand Wax W0.01 set consists of our high-quality wax sealant, the applicator sponge for easy application of Hand Wax W0.01 and a microfibre cloth for buffing out.

Recommendation for use

  1. Pre-Cleaning
    Thoroughly pre-clean the vehicle with an alkaline cleaner prior the polishing and sealing process and remove coarse dirt.
  2. Paint Preparation
    Depending on its condition, treat the paint mechanically with Heavy Cut H9.01 or Fine Cut F6.01 sanding polish as well as Micro Cut M3.02 for hologram removal.
  3. Wax Application
    Wipe all surfaces with a clean, microfibre cloth soaked in Silicone & Wax Remover using a small amount of pressure and wipe with another new microfibre cloth using your other hand just before drying. To apply, press the sponge included in the package lightly into the can and distribute the wax evenly on the surface. Let the wax dry and then polish it with a microfibre cloth.
  4. Car Wash
    The wax sealing is retained for the longest time with gentle hand washing. If washing facilities are used, they should be exclusively textile washing systems.

Please note the detailed product information and application recommendations.

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