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Plant Extensions and Reconstruction Measures

Today marks the start of further modernization and expansion of the Koch-Chemie factory premises in Unna. With a small Corona-compliant staff party we start the construction project of the site adjacent to the current production hall. The vacant hall will be modernized, partially rebuilt, and thus serves to increase capacity in the production area.

Thanks to Novarc, Koch-Chemie continues to invest in the future, as it has been announced in the past. Koch-Chemie has been part of the French Novarc Group since 2017 and thus belongs to an international group of companies. Investments in the expansion of the infrastructure at the site will be started despite the corona crisis. Koch-Chemie always remained capable of acting even during the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. While maintaining protective measures for employees, we worked on many projects and developed new products.

For example, the large-scale Innovation Campaign 2020 was only launched at the beginning of June with a total of six new products, respectively sets, which have met with great approval on the national and international markets. Koch-Chemie has come out of the Corona crisis stronger than before and therefore we would like to help our customers to resume business. Therefore, we are not only preparing ourselves for increased demand, but are also using the investments to create the capacity for the future to meet new customer requirements and improve services and products.

The expansion of the production hall is followed by further investments such as new bottling equipment and transport facilities from the production hall to the warehouse. The factory premises will also be supplemented by additional office space at the site. The land for this has already been purchased and plans developed for the reconstruction of the existing property.

The entire Koch-Chemie team is looking forward to this exciting future with a lot of growth potential and positive changes. While taking all necessary hygiene measures, we will symbolically toast to this with our small get-together.

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