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KocFloc Bio Clear

Flocculation agent B

Concentrated flocculation and precipitation agent, based on aluminium nitrate, for use in industrial water treatment and waste water treatment plants. Finest dirt particles combine to large flocs and are removed from the waste water by precipitation (sedimentation in the sludge trap) and/or filtration. Compared to other flocculants, KocFloc Bio Clear does not introduce any corrosion-causing chlorides and aerobic microorganisms are promoted (prevention of odours). Not suitable for use in biological service water treatment plants.
KocFloc Bio Clear

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Information on which containers of the product are consumer compliant is available upon request. This product may not be available in every region.

KocFloc Bio Clear


  • 23 KGArticle No. 243023


Wastewater treatment plants and conventional industrial water treatment plants.
Add to the first sludge trap/sedimentation tank via dosing pump or manually pure during operation. Daily dosage: 40-80 ml per m³ process water or in car washes 12-17 ml per car. Optimum effect in the pH value range (process water) 7 to 8.