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One set - everything included.

Our new Exterior Brush Set

On the exterior of the vehicle there are not only many different materials, but also some places that are difficult to reach and accordingly difficult to clean. To make cleaning the exterior as easy as possible, our new Exterior Brush Set offers the right brush for almost every application. The practical color coding makes it quick and easy to distinguish between the individual brushes. Thanks to the unscrewable angle, even hard-to-reach places can be cleaned easily.

Red like coarse

Especially with multi-spoke rims it is very difficult to clean all parts of the rim properly without a brush. The red brush of our Exterior Brush Set is particularly suitable for cleaning the rims due to its acid resistance. With the unscrewable angle even the hard to reach places can be cleaned thoroughly without any problems. Perfect product supplement? For example, our Magic Wheel Cleaner.

Not too hard, not too soft: orange

For rough work on plastic parts such as cleaning the radiator grille or sill, the orange brush of our Exterior Brush Set is used. Together with our washing chemicals, such as the Mehrzweckreiniger, nothing stands in the way of thorough cleaning.

The right brush for glass and rubber

When it comes to glass surfaces such as side mirrors or rubber parts such as seals, the yellow brush is the right choice. So, together with the right washing chemistry, nothing stands in the way of fast and thorough cleaning. Our Green Star can be a good choice here.

For sensitive work

For particularly sensitive surfaces such as chrome or piano lacquer, the accessories must be gentle on the material. A brush with fine, gentle bristles such as the green brush in our Exterior Brush Set is a good choice. This allows you to work with the necessary care and at the same time achieve very good cleaning results. Together with our Gentle Snow Foam, nothing stands in the way of gentle cleaning.