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Hallenreiniger sauer

Washing bay cleaner, acidic

Powerful, phosphoric and hydrochloric acid based cleaner for all acid-resistant surfaces such as washing bay tiles, etc. Limescale, environmental dirt, rust bloom and other inorganic dirt are removed very quickly and thoroughly. Contains no fluoric acid, and no bifluoride, and is therefore suitable for use in biological service water treatment plants (in strict accordance with the default pH values).
Hallenreiniger sauer

Saure Reiniger und FelgenreinigerMore about the product system

Information on which containers of the product are consumer compliant is available upon request. This product may not be available in every region.

Hallenreiniger sauer


  • 23 KGArticle No. 265023


Acid-resistant materials such as washing bay tiles, etc.
Depending on the dirt accumulation, apply a 1:8 to 1:20 solution to the whole of the rinsed surfaces (avoid running). Allow to react for a short time, if required, finish off with a brush or sponge and rinse off thoroughly with a high-pressure appliance. Where large amounts are used (washing bay cleaning), apply KocPlus (Kp25) to increase the pH value of the service water to a range of 7 to 8.
Before using, check suitability and compatibility.;