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Summer, sun, product color change?

Do color changes affect product performance?

Maybe you have already noticed it. At higher temperatures and especially high sunlight, our products can become discolored. But is that bad, or even a sign that the performance of the product has been minimized? We would like to take the worry away from you and therefore explain this topic with this blog post.

The soluble, organic dyes we use unfortunately react during their storage time at high temperatures and/or when exposed to UV light by changing color. Depending on the product, the colors of the canisters may lighten or darken or even discolor, especially in summer.
Since we operate a so-called free choice of storage space in our warehouse, the pallets are stored either on the floor or at different heights in our shelves.
This means that the canisters are sometimes more, sometimes less exposed to heat through the roof or UV light through the rolling doors and skylights.
For these reasons, color changes can unfortunately occur in the same products with different batches or even in the same batches, depending on where the individual pallets were stored in the warehouse.

Furthermore, unfortunately, our stored raw materials in the containers can change color depending on the storage time, heat and UV light, which can also affect the color shade in the products.

We would like to point out that color changes do not affect the quality and performance of the product. Multiple checks did not reveal any differences in various parameters.

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