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Our ceramic sealant for rims

With our new ceramic sealant especially for use on rims, Ceramic Rims Cr0.01, we are setting new standards in rim protection. Together with the innovative Application Pens, Ceramic Rims Cr0.01 ensures that even detailed rims are protected for at least one season and do not get dirty again so quickly.

Value retention to apply

Rims are exposed to heavy loads, e.g. heat and dirt such as brake dust. Our new Ceramic Rims Cr0.01 provides treated rims with long-term protection against external environmental influences and adhesions such as salt or brake dust. This protection keeps the rim looking as good as new for longer. In addition, the very good beading behavior allows water droplets to simply roll off. Thanks to the practical easy-to-clean properties, the rims can even be cleaned easily and gently by hand after sealing. This allows dirt to be removed from the rim immediately and effortlessly.

Cr0.01 is the right choice for:

- All rims on cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, mobile homes, caravans, etc.  
- Vehicle detailers who rarely seal rims (the practical 30 ml bottle helps to avoid crystallization)

Service life: Up to 12 months

Double coating: Double coating is possible

Flash-off time: 5-8 minutes, allowing stress-free coating of several rims and reducing the total number of work steps (coating, polishing). The complete application description can be found on the product detail page.

Consumption: 5-7 ml per rim

Care instructions:
- Cleaning: Magic Wheel Cleaner
- Aftercare: Hydro Foam Sealant (dilution 1:50 - 1:150)
- Topper: Spray Sealant or Hand Wax W0.01

Rim protection set

Our Ceramic Rims Cr0.01 set contains everything you need for professional rim sealing. In addition to the bottle of ceramic sealant, the packaging also contains the Application Pens. With the practical applicators with suede coating, delicate areas on rims can be sealed effortlessly and the soft foam core adapts perfectly to contours. The manual contains all the important information on application. With the Ceramic Rims Cr0.01 certificate, you can confirm to your customers that they have received an original, high-quality Koch-Chemie ceramic sealant. The check-up plan also encourages customers to bring their rims in for resealing or refreshing after a season.

The Ceramic Rims Set contains:
808030 1x Ceramic Rims Cr0.01 (30ml)
9998241 2x Application Pen
9998265 2x Certificate Ceramic Rims Cr0.01
9998266 1x Set of Ceramic Body stickers
9998264 Manual Ceramic Rims Cr0.01

The chemistry behind it

Treatment with Ceramic Rims Cr0.01 forms a thin ceramic coating on the surface. During application, the ingredients of the ceramic sealant react with the humidity in the ambient air, crystallize and form a molecular matrix structure that is stable, highly resilient and hard in the long term once it has completely dried out. Unlike waxes or polishes, Ceramic Rims Cr0.01 does not simply lie on the surface, but bonds with it.

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